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 Apple Munching Makes for Healthier Shopping

Eating an apple before buying groceries may help a consumer make

healthier shopping decisions.  This was the finding of three studies on

healthy food purchasing conducted by Aner Tal, Ph.D, and Brian Wansink,

Ph.D .  In the research, published in the scientific journal Psychology and

Marketing, 120 shoppers were given an apple sample, a cookie sample or

nothing before they began shopping.  The researchers found those that

ate an apple purchased 28 percent more fruits and vegetables than those

given the cookie, and 25 percent more fruits and vegetables than those given


A related study by Tal and Wansink investigated virual shopping decisions.

After being given a cookie or an apple, 56 subjects were asked to imagine they

were grocery shopping.  They were shown 20 pairs of products -- one healthy

and the other unhealthy -- and asked to select the one they would buy.

Consistent with the  results of the first study, those that ate the apple most often

chose the healthy option.

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