Helpers to Listing Your home - And Getting a Quicker Sale

Many steps to getting  your house prepared for the market and Selling it quickly.

An very important action is Cleaning and De-Cluttering.

Start by removing all your family photos from the walls and all sorts of chochkes and clutter from the tops of tables, desks, dressers and counters.  Buyers want to be able to envision their lives in the house, not yours.  Personal items - and the visual clutter they create - have been shown time and time again to block buyers ability to create this vision.


Also remember that buyers are coming to see the house and evaluate its space, not to bear witness to all the fabulous furniture that means so much to you (no matter how amazing your personal taste).  Remove furniture that takes up too much space and fills up rooms.  Get rid of clutter such as clothes, boxes, piles of mail and other items.


And then CLEAN - and keep cleaning obsessively, the entire time your place is on the market.  Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms should look unlived in when they are shown.  And don't forget to clean less obvious places like windows, walls, doors and the floors, to dust off shelves and furniture, and to polish appliances.


You'll be happy that you did, when your purchase offer comes in, and it is just what you wanted!

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