Making Mealtimes with Toddles Pleasant for Everyone

What about the importance of sitting down together" 

 I always  found that virtually impossible because my toddler ate around 5 pm, and my

partner doesn't get home for more than an hour later.

The best solution IS to eat together.

So, If eating together is imporrtant to you, set your family up for success.

If your partner, or other members of the group, don't get there for an hour or more

after your toddler usually eats, you can give your toddler a satisfying snack at their

usual dinner time.  Then have the toddler help in the kitchen.

If the toddler is crabby during that hour, make it a quiet time instead.

Or, after offering the snack, let your child be nearby with books, or a favorite toy that

you only bring out then.  

Your reward will be the time together at the table when dinner is ready!


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