Personal Savings Strategies

Personal Savings Strategies -- 

Whether you're saving for emergencies, opportunities or other specific goals,  remembering these basic s

can add to your success.

 - Pay yourself first, by putting aside 10% or more of your income to save for future emergencies.

 - Save regularly and consistently.

 - Develop and stick to a plan you're comfortable with.

 - Set reasonable and achievable goals.

 - Determine your time horizon and the number of years until you'll need access to your money.

 - Understand your tolerance for risk.

 - Allocate your assets appropriately for your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Savings is one of several key areas of financial planning to address throughout your life.

If you are still unclear, pick up a few financial advice books at your local library.

Learn who to turn to for more involved direction as to your next step!


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