"ROAD TRIP!!" ... Keeping the Adventure Safe

"ROAD TRIP" ...   keeping the adventure safe

  Proper maintenance can keep you and your car going safely all summer long

Having your Air Conditioner and filter checked before you embark can, can help you

to keep your comfort level all summer long.  It is recommended that it is checked at least

every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Checking your engine coolant, or Anti-freeze, really matters in the hot weather.

The number one cause of auto breakdowns is overheating, which can be prevented

by a watchfull eye.

Be sure your battery is a good one, ready to go the distance.  Have its' power output checked.

Check the air presurre in your tires and that there is sufficient tread on them for the distance

you anticipate going.

Check to see if an Oil Change is in order before you start off.  Carry an extra can of Oil and

gallon of water in your trunk with other emergency supplies, including a First Aid Kit.

Happy motoring!


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