Selling your home - how to start

Put yourself in the Buyer's shoes and ask what you can do to give a buyer the ability to visualize his or her own belongings in your  home.

 - Keep the wall colors neutral

 - Tidy up closets, cabinets and storerooms

 - Clean the floors

 - Ged rid of clutter

 - Make every appliance, door & cabinet in the kitchen sparkle

   expecially the oven and refrigerator

 - Fix any leaky faucets, loose toilet seats or any little

   problem you've put off

 - Get a new shower curtain & towles, and clean the medicin cabinet

 - Make sure all light switches & light bulbs work

 - Clean the windows, inside & out.

   A bright, sunny room is more appealing

 - Make sure the garage and basement are swept & dry

 - Take whatever steps you need to remove any unpleasant odors.

   Why not bake cookies right before the house is shown?

ASK MEfor more helpfull ways to get the edge.


Doris Halko

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