What to do to Avoid Scams Part 2 of 2

What to do to AVoid Scams                       Part 2 of 1

Never reply to email messages, text messages, or phone calls asking for personal information.  Don't click on links in

  these messages either.

Never give your credit card, Social Security, Medicare or other personal information over the phone, if you did not initiate  

  the calls.

If you get a message that shows concern about your account status, don't reply. Call directly the number listed on your

  credit or  debit card or your account  statement.

Be wary of someone who calls claiming they are with law enforcement or the government.  The government will not

  call you to offer deals or ask you for personal information. 

Check your monthly statements to see if there are any charges you didn't make.  Scammers who steal your identy

  will often run up charges in your name.

Be suspicious of investment opportunities that promise high return at low risk.  Talk to your financial adviser, family

  member, or friend about how proper financial planning can protect you from risks and help you reach your goals.


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