How a Buyer Agent benefits You!

Doris Halko is a Certified Buyers Agent, so she can represent your best interest in the purchase of a home.

Under the Buyers Agency System  Doris would be the Real Estate Broker who would represent and work for

You, the buyer, in the process of purchaseing a home.  As the Agent for the Buyer, and having a duty to represent the Buyer"s best interests, including:

Negotiating the right price for you, as the Buyer

Structuring the transaction to you, the Buyer's advantage

Here are three of the most important ways that Doris, as Your Buyer's Agent works for you:

*Meaningful Savings (in the Purchase Price) are Possible

  We will help you negotiate to obtain the right price, terms and conditions

*You are Represented

  Doris, Your Buyer's Agent, will do a comprehensive market analysis on the property you select.

  This will help you establish fair market value, before an offer to purchase is made.

*You are Exposed to a Larger Market (Meaning, more houses to see and consider)

  In addition to the MLS (the Realtors' computer system) of Listed Properties,

  Doris' Buyer Agency System allows her to show you a wider variety of available homes,

  including unlisted properties - For Sale by owners,  forclosure sales  and homes

  not yet on the market.  In other words, you will have access to The TOTAL Market.


Working with an Agent who represents and Works For You has many other Advantages:

  Ask Doris!                          "Doris Opens Doors!"  

Doris F. Halko

Doris F. Halko

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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