Elise M. Janssen

Elise M. Janssen

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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Welcome to Elise's website

I've been a Real Estate agent for over 11 years and in that time I've gotten to know people in every walk of life.  I've worked with many people in different fields so that I usually know someone that I can recommend for all types of services.  At Coldwell Banker, we also have a Concierge program with a long list of service providers These are people who've been thoroughly checked out. From attorneys and home inspectors to painters, electricians and roofers we can cover your needs.


I came to the Capital Region over 19 years ago and found that it's a wonderful region to not only raise a family, but also work and find entertaining things to do.  Whether you live in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga or Schenectady county, there's something here for everyone. If you like swimming, hiking, cultural events or great foods, it's all here.

My educational background is in business and finance but my specialty is people. Having raised 5 children, I learned how to handle objections and how to smooth ruffled feathers. I enjoy helping a buyer find that perfect new home and working with sellers is very different but so rewarding.  Putting a deal together and making it stay together is great and keeps everyone happy.



What happens when my offer is accepted

When you first have a contract, you'll find the old saying true.  You have to hurry, hurry so that you can then wait.  You usually have 5 days to apply for your mortgage.  You have to find an attorney who will review your contract.  You have to find a qualified home inspector.  You normally have 5 days in which to get your inspection done.  Fortunately, at Coldwell Banker we are well situated to make recommendations for all of these things.  We can always give you names so that you know you'll be working with an attorney who will take the time to explain things to you.  You can get a bank that is reputable and will not charge you crazy fees and we can find a home inspector who is not looking to kill your deal but will point out potential problems and possible expenses. After you've done these things, you can sit back and relax and wait for the bank to notify you that you are cleared to close.  As your agent, I will let you know of anything that has to be done and I'll make sure that the deal runs smoothly.

Professional Background

I've been in Real Estate for 12 years.  I love what Coldwell Banker has to offer and how it helps me make things easier for my clients.    It helps that Coldwell Banker is an international company and not only a local company.  Coldwell Banker also offers a Concierge service where there is a list of many different professionals and tradesmen.  These people have been verified so that we know when we recommend someone, they will do a good job for you.

I recently had family looking to sell a house in Maryland and I was happy to be able to put out a referral for them to get a qualified great agent in that area. They were very pleased with the agent that the company referred, he went out of his way to make the transaction go smoothly.

My daughter lives downstate and was looking to purchase a home.  Since it was her first experience with buying real estate, we referred her to an agent who really took the time to go over the procedure and help her throughout the process.  She closed on her home at the end of June last year and couldn't believe how well things worked out.

One of my past clients called me to tell me she was relocating to Florida.  She wanted to know if we could help her find a good agent in Florida.  I was happy to tell her that YES we could.

A lot of my business comes from referrals so it's important that I do a great job for my clients.

I am part of the V & R team.  The V & R team works with several builders and at many different new construction sites.  We have new construction at different price points and in many  areas so we can often find something new to fit your needs.

The great advantage in being part of a team is that we can help each other out.  Anytime I have to be away for a few days, I know  that if any of my clients were in need of something, there is always someone available to help them.

This summer, I took a week's vacation and during that time I had a closing.  My seller really wanted someone to be there, so one of my team members made herself available and my client was happy.

The members of my team are Diane VanAlstyne, Matt Rousseau, JoAnn McDaniel, Betsy Kumu and Carolyn Micheli.

I am an Associate Broker and also a Certified Buyer Representative.  As a Certified Buyer Representative, I'm very aware of the very unique needs of buyers.  I always make sure that the buyers I work with are pre-approved.  A good pre-approval can sometimes help you get a better deal when making an offer.  It makes you look better and stronger.

I also like to make sure that buyers, especially first time buyers, understand the process and are well positioned to get the most house for their money.






Professional Interests

I've been a Realtor for 12 years and have become adept at figuring out what a buyer wants and finding it.  I think that sometimes the best way for me to know is to really listen to what they're telling me.

Working with sellers is great also but it's important to tell a seller what we think.  We should be able to give advice, if they want it, about what can be done to make their house shine and look its best.  It is important to be honest about pricing.  Overpromising is not a good idea since most buyers today are educated and know where pricing should be.  If we overprice, the house stays on the market longer and time on the market kills value.  One of the first questions I get from buyers who are interested in a house is "How long has this house been on the market"



  • CBR: Certified Buyers Representative


  • I like to think that I work hard to sell any type of house
  •   I have worked with several people who were selling or buying investment properties and I've found it interesting to work with them to determine if the numbers work.  Whether  on the listing side of a property of the buying side, it's important to analyze all of the numbers involved in an investment property.


Personal Background

I have 5 children and this gave me great insight in dealing with whatever problems can crop up during a real estate transaction.

Being a stay at home mother for several years, I got involved in many volunteering projects.  I learned how to take charge and get projects off the ground.

  • I set up the lunch program for a small parochial school
  • I organized and coordinated the volunteers to help supervise the lunchroom and schoolyard
  • I was an officer for the Parent Teacher Organization
  • I worked in the Library doing whatever had to  be done.
  • I was President of the Booster Club
  • I was team mother for the football team. 
  • I am the Treasurer of the Altar Society
  • We organize a huge fundraiser for the church every year.  The Lucky Bucket is usually held in the spring and brings many people together for a day of fun and socializing.
  • I am involved in the Saint Vincent de Paul Organization.  We meet once a month and take turns giving out food to people going through difficult circumstances.


I stay involved in my community because I feel it is important to give back and to help those who might need support.

Community Involvement

Since my children have grown up and I no longer have the school involvement, I've gotten more involved with my church. 

Through the church, I've worked with other in projects to raise money for several causes.

  • I work with our local food pantry thru the St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Raise funds to send packages oversees to our military personel.
  • Help provide funds for at risk women who are in need of support
  • Assist the church in raising funds for various charities.
  • I am the Treasurer of the Altar Society.  We take turns with working on the altar and raise funds every year for a project.
  • Every year, we host a basket extravaganza.  It's a lot of fun.  People from the church or the local community put together different themed basket and these are raffled off at a Chinese type auction.  We always have a great door prize and good fun.  Typically, it's on a Sunday afternoon in the beginning of spring so we get a nice crowd and we have loads of fun.

Personal Interests

I love my work, but of course I also enjoy the down time.  Spending time with family or friends is always a treat.  I love big get togethers that require planning and cooking all day.  I also like the smaller gatherings where I can really spend the time with my friends or family chatting and laughing.

We have several pets, most of them were rescued and they certainly add fun and humor to our house.  With 2 dogs and 3 cats, it's easy to feel outnumbered.

I enjoy long walks every morning and I always come home feeling refreshed and ready for a long day of work. 

I love all sorts of crafts from making little blankets for sick children or my grandchildren, to crocheting or knitting toys or slippers.  There are so many things you can create in the evenings when relaxing, It's a nice way to take your mind off of everyday problems.

 This is my dog Kayo.  She came from a local breeder and she's been a wonderful dog for the 9 years we've had her.



BA from University of Texas at Arlington

Near completion of Masters in Business



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