Aah Winter

I realized long ago that I will always be happier looking for the good side of things than complaining about what I don't like.  This snow is so inconvenient but it is beautiful. It's cold but we can always dress warmly.

I just got back from my daily walk with my boxer Kayo.  We have 4 walk levels depending on the weather.  If it's 20 below zero, I can bundle up but I'm always mindful of my dog and her paws and her discomfort, so we take a shorter walk.  My observations for this beautiful milder day is that while the roads are a little messy, it's not so bad.  We went for our no 1 walk today, the longest (about 40 minutes).  We usually run into so many other walkers and puppies but today we didn't see a soul. 

Well things are starting to pick up in the market and that's always nice. A few days after a storm, I find that people are ready to get back to their regular lives and those that are looking for a change are ready to take a look again.

Enjoy your weekend!

Elise Janssen

Elise Janssen

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