Did you ever wonder?

What happens to a house that was the site of a terrible murder?  In New York state, it doesn't have to be disclosed. Here are a few stories about what happens to real estate after a crime was committed on the premises.

The apartment where Jeffrey Dahmer once resided was torn down the following year and is still just a vacant lot.

The house where Travis Alexander was stabbed and shot by his ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias had been purchased for $249,920 four years prior to his murder and was later sold for $206,000.

In 1993, the whole country watched the trial of Erik and Lyle Menendez accused of killing their parents in their home.  The family had purchased the home the previous year for $4 million. The house has been sold twice since the murders and had major renovations done in 2002.  The home is currently valued at $2.7 million

Then there's the O.J. Simpson house.  He purchased in 1979 for $650,000. according to CNN. It was purchased at auction in 1997 for about 2.6 million and later sold for about 3.95 million.

The new owner had the pace demolished.

It is interesting to see what happens to these houses that were the scenes of gruesome crimes.  Some of them seem to do well after several years have gone by.




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