Great time for selling

The Real Estate market does slow down at this time of the year because of course it's cold and sometimes there is ice and snow on the ground but............

This year the inventory on existing homes is at an all-time low. You never know who is going to be looking at houses during the Holiday season when people have more time off.  There are real estate emergencies and there are people who have to buy a house.  There is less to choose from, so maybe one of the houses they choose can be yours.

You can make the outside and inside of your house look pretty and inviting.  Houses at this time of the year can look great and smell good.  If you have anyone looking at your house, bake some cookies before they come.  You'll want your home to still look neat and tidy, but you can still impress potential buyers with the sights and scents of Christmas.

Elise Janssen

Elise Janssen

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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