Our furry friends

So many people now have pets.  They make great friends and they are wonderful to have around. 

However, if you are getting ready to sell your house, you have to think about them.  Are your dogs well behaved.  Do they have to be secured during a showing.  Do they have a strong odor?  If you have one or more cats, think of the litter box.  Is it in an out of the way place.  Does it get cleaned frequently.  Some of the litters have a strong perfumy odor and are not pleasant. 

Make sure that if you have pets, you are really diligent in cleaning up after them.  Bad odors in a house are one of the biggest turn offs.  Brush and bathe your dog, vacuum the extra hair and make sure the house doesn't have a doggie or kitty smell.  If you have to, plug in a vanilla scent or have a reed diffuser.  Make sure your house always smells clean and welcoming.

Elise Janssen

Elise Janssen

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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