Pitfalls to avoid

I have a few suggestions on pitfalls to avoid.  This is a busy time of the year where a lot of people are out looking for a new home but you want to make sure that you don't make costly mistakes.

Use a recommended preferred lender.  If there are any problem, you want to know about them up front so they can be dealt with.  Sometimes, you might find a small lender who looks great but may have a lot of hidden costs or takes a longer time to close a deal.  Remember your offer will look better with a pre-approval from a reputable well-known lender.

Don't fixate on price per foot.  That can be misleading.  Sometimes the square footage isn't accurate or maybe the house you like has amenities that other houses don't have.

Don't place a high offer on a house that isn't worth it.  You might be tired of looking and you love a house that you just must have, but don't overpay.  You will regret it and it might cause a problem later.

Do not forgo inspections.  The home inspector is trained to find things that might have been hidden.  some sellers might not reveal every problem to you or maybe they're not aware of problems, but you need to know if there are issues that have to be addressed.

Be careful about buying a project.  If the house needs a lot of work, it might cost more to fix it than you've estimated.  Do you have the know-how to fix a house and do you have the time?.  It's not easy to give up your evenings and weekends to work on a house.



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