what does the outside of your house look like?

You know that before anyone gets in to see the outside of your house, they are looking at the exterior. 

Go around the perimeter of your house and remove garbage cans from sight.  If you have any type of scraps, or stuff outside waiting to be used, get rid of them.  Take a trip to the dump if you need to.

Check your gutters and roof.  Make sure they're clean and that nothing is growing in them.

Examine your yard.  Remove dead plants, weed your yard, rake the flower beds, prune your bushes and put down new mulch.  If bushes are blocking your windows, trim them.

Plant seasonal flowers.  Make it look pretty and cared for.

Get rid of small planters and flower pots on your deck or patio. Take the barbecue and toys away.  Stage with outdoor furniture and tasteful plants that give the look of a quiet oasis.

Check the paint on the exterior of your house.  Is the trim peeling, does the house look tidy?

Remember, make it sparkle!!

Elise Janssen

Elise Janssen

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