Buying a Home? Start from the Bottom...

Most buyers (and agents) start the showings with the curb appeal of the home.  I start with the basement!  It can tell you a lot about the house.  I look for signs of moisture and foundation issues, i.e., cracks.  I much prefer an unfinished basement where you can see the walls and floors.  Second best is a partially finished basement so there is some areas unfinished.

What to look for?  There are several things:  doors that don't close property; cracks in the drywall; moisture; problems with the floors; exterior cracks in bricks or siding and deteriorating foundations.

Finding any of these problems doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the house or move forward but it does mean that you should have a qualified inspection and get professional estimate for the repairs.  Protect yourself before you sign on the dotted line....

Enza Shellard

Enza Shellard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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