Eco-Friendly Ideas for your Home

Things are changing every day and that's true for real estate as well.­ Many homeowners are thinking about how they can save money and be "eco-friendly" too.­ Here are some things to think about:

Energy Star rated appliances save on your home's enery use.

Make use of natural sunlight by having more windows with quality window treatments.­ Make use of skylights.­ Replace old windows with energy-efficient windows.

Use of real wood throughout your home is another alternative.­ You can also consider recycled lumber.

Install built-in water filters in sinks and shower heads.

New home technology lets you program thermostats and sprinkler systems.

These are the most common but you should consider outdoor ideas too, such as, using rain water to water your landscaping areas.

So when you are thinking about buying a home or renovating a home, make sure you look into some of these energy saving ideas.

Enza Shellard

Enza Shellard

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