NY Home Buyers and Sellers some interesting facts

There are many reasons for buyers to buy and sellers to sell.  Do you know any facts about these buyers and sellers?

- 45% of buyers are first timers approx 32 yrs old but the repeat buyer averaged 52 yrs old

- 84% of buyers use real estate agents and 40% of those came from referral business

- 88% of sellers used real estate agents to assist in their sale and 49% reduced their price at least once

- 89% of buyers use the internet to aid in their home search with 48% using a mobile app

- these buyers viewed real estate agents as useful information source by 95% of buyers who used one

- typical/average house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths

- factors in buyers decision included utility costs and commuting distance

- 3 in 10 sellers offered incentives to attract buyers



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