When Staging Your Home

Thinking of selling, then you need to think of staging your home.  It doesn't have to cost a lot of money; it just takes time and muscle.

While most buyers understand that you still live in your home and family is near and dear, you want to consider de-personalizing to some degree.  It's ok to have a few things around but keep it simple. 

Next, declutter.  You want to show as much space as possible.  If you have oversized furniture, you may want to remove a piece or two and rearrange it so it gives the best flow to the room. 

Closets are near and dear to a buyer.  Make sure you clear out all of the things that don't belong in your closet first and then go through the clothes that you just know you will get into as soon as you lose that last 5 pounds.  Use boxes and shoe racks to organize where you can.  Use a quality hanger rather than wire hangers for your clothes.

Bedrooms are important.  If you have the time and dollars, a coat of a neutral color paint will freshen the room.  Accessorize with with neutral colors which will appeal to the major of buyers coming through.  Keep personal items and toys to a minimum.

Last but most importantly, kitchens and baths are top on a buyers list.  If you can't afford to remodel, a fresh coat of paint, updating cabinet hardware, some new throw rugs, hand towels and make it spotless clean. 

Remember, a home that has shows it's been well cared for and well maintained, appeals to many buyers. 

Enza Shellard

Enza Shellard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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