Your Homes Curb Appeal

It's the first thing a buyer sees when they arrive at your home.  It makes a critical first impression. 

Your front door is the home's focal point so be sure it's clean and make sure the paint isn't peeling.  Also, if your kickplate is scratched or rusted, replace it.

Wash the windows.  Take a close look and make sure when you view your home from the street, what you see is neat, clean and appealing.  If your shutters are old and fading, put on a fresh coat of paint.  If the color doesn't make your house "pop", pick a color that compliments your siding.

Make sure your garage door is in good shape.  Does it need paint or repairs.

If you have a porch, stage it with some furniture or maybe a swing.

Don't forget the driveway.  When a buyer steps out of the car, they will notice immediately if you've taken care of the driveway.  Make sure there are no stains or large cracks.

In the evening, be sure to leave on a light that lights the walkway to your front door.


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