Eating Your Way To A Healthy Brain

What are you thinking? Did you know what you eat has a big impact on your brain? The fact is if you eat the right foods and combinations of foods you can build new brain cells, enhance your memory and perhaps even ward off Alzheimer's disease. Foods For Thought! 1-Olive oil, green tea and leafy greens(broccoli,spinach and kale).These antioxidants help fight inflammation. Uncontrolled inflammation can damage brain cells. These foods may help control this situation with intervening before neurons die and perhaps restore normal brain cells. 2-Beets, tomatoes and avocados. These darkly hued foods help ensure your brain gets the blood it needs to stay sharp. 3-Nuts(especially walnuts) and pomegranates.These fight plaques. 4-Fish, blueberries.grapes,coffee and dark chocolate. Nutrient powerhouses increase the level of protein that supports the growth of new neurons and brain function!

So now lets think about it! It's all about the food!

Jan Alber

Jan Alber

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