Fall Cleaning!

Looking around your home and seeing all of the "stuff" you don't use or need? Now is a good time to tackle some of that clutter. Closet: Keep only in-season items in your closet, add a second rod underneath the pimary rod to hang skirts,shirts,scarves,etc. Implement a new rule: For each new item that comes in, 2 items must go out! Home Office:Create a filing system that you can use immediately. Keep labeled manila folders available and assign for tax records,utility bills,medical expenses,etc. Invest in a scanner to digitize important documents and save them on a hard drive for easy access. Create a shelf life rule for magazines, purge weeklies after a month and monthlies every few months. Just do it!

Jan Alber

Jan Alber

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker, CRS,GRI,SRES,ASP
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