The Uses Of Time

Again after reading Eleanor Roosevelt "You Learn By Living" I come away with some great new tools to add to my New Year's resolutions! What a way to start the year with ideas on how to make the best use of your time. I am always planning to get my time more organized and put a plan in place but somehow that doesn't happen. Well maybe this year will be different! Elinor had 3 ways in which she solved the problem: first, by achieving an inner calm so she could work undisturbed by what would go on around her; second, by concentrating on the thing in hand; third, by arranging a routine pattern for her days that allotted certain activities to certain hours, palnning in advance for everything that must be done, but at the same time remaining flexible enough to alow for the unexpected.

This is a good start, so make some plans and put them into action! Do you plan on moving this year?


Jan Alber

Jan Alber

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