Picture Your House Sold

When selling a house photos are absolutely necessary. Potential buyers like to see photos before they must visit a house. (Buyers, save time with viewings by looking at the photos with each listing!)

What should you do to prepare photos? First clean your house. Buyers should be looking at the house they will buy to make their home, they should not be looking at your current home (which means your house with all of your belongings).

Then you should be able to take photos. Here are some photo taking tips:

  • Take photos with a nice camera. If you have several (phones count these days), try each out and compare them. Don’t be deceived that one is better with more megapixels, always compare photos before relying on one.
  • Take level photos. Viewers should not have to tilt their heads to distinguish the walls from the floor.
  • Take photos that are well-lit, turn on the lights and take them during the day. Not many people like dark rooms. 
  • Take many photos. Not all will come out great so if you have extra photos you can use those instead, it’s always good to have backup options.

Be sure to compare your photos and retake any ones you don’t like. You may be surprised, your phone may have a better camera than your standalone camera.

Then we can upload the photos to your listing and potential buyers can view them! Lots of well-lit photos of your house are attractive to buyers.

Jan Cidzik

Jan Cidzik

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