Ask Jeffrey Horn: How to keep your phone number

You're moving.  You've got the mover, the new home, and you sold your home but, what do you do with your phone number?  Wouldn't it be nice to keep the same number?  Here are a couple ideas. 

IMPORTANT!!!  Do NOT cancel your service if you want to keep your number.


Remote call forward allows you to have calls forward from your old home number to your new home number.  This is very handy and costs very little.  For example, your old local (518) phone number is called by an old friend and it automatically rings to your new (941) in sunny Florida.  The way you have this set up is to call your phone company and ask to set up remote call forward.  This is a wire line to new line connection. You would have additional costs, but it is a very convenient way to keep in touch with people you may have forgot to tell you moved. Remote call forward can automatically forward to a wireline or a wireless line.


The word "PORT" (i.e. the action of porting, transferring, taking with you...) is a telephone industry term that describes the transferring of your current number from one carrier to another.  This term  is most commonly used when transferring from one wireless carrier to another, but can also include transferring your wire line, (a.k.a. land line, home phone) from your local traditional phone company to a wireless carrier.  With this process you keep your (518) number and assign it to a cell phone.  The way you do this is by contacting your wireless company and request this be done.  Some wireless companies will allow you to do this online, but call and check. 

What if you don't have a cell phone or you want to KEEP your same cell phone number.  If you move to Florida or elsewhere first make sure the carrier you choose has good service IN YOUR NEW HOME and good new service in your new area.  Then you can activate a new line of service with for example, a (305) area code number.  Once that is done you request through your new carrier to "port" your (518) number to your new cell phone.  Once done this makes your new cellphone connect to the (518) number and the (305) is no longer connected.  If you want to keep your current cell phone number then you can add this new line of service to your existing wireless service as part of a family share plan.


Finally, the most important thing of all is this....

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