Ask Jeffrey Horn: When preparing to sell your home

There are many opinions on what to do to improve your home for sale.  My most common recommendation is to sell as is, but make sure your home is neat, tidy and free of clutter.  Try not to spend money.

Often sellers ask me for advice on changing carpets, painting, changing wallpaper, putting in new counter tops, etc..  The important thing to remember is that you cannot guess what the buyer of your home wants in color, carpets, and wall paper.  With that in mind don't change them unless you have a signed deal being reviewed by your attorney and the deal is contingent upon particular changes.  Why do I tell you this.  For each dollar of improvement you are NOT GUARANTEED a dollar in return on your investment.  Generally improvements should be viewed as for the homeowner's personal enjoyment. 

Reduce clutter.  Pack away your collectables displayed all over your home.  Pack away family photos.  Reducing the amount of furniture can also help open up the room.  All this helps the buyer imagine their things in the home without the distraction of your things. 

The best advice of all is to have a licensed realtor involved in the selling of your home.  That's where choosing me as your agent is the best thing you can do to get your home sold.


Jeffrey Horn

Jeffrey Horn

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