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As licensed real estate sales person and as a professional with a bachelor's degree in marketing I'd like to provide you with an interesting perspective with respect to solo agents verses the team of agents to help you choose the best agent for you; the agent you feel comfortable working with.

A SOLO AGENT presents listings they have directly built relationships with and sales they have directly made. There are many solo agents like myself who like to work individually as your real estate agent. (Back to my listings)

THE REAL ESTATE TEAM is a group of more than one and in some cases many real estate professionals, (i.e. I've seen 40+ on a team), who pool their listings into a group so as to look bigger and more productive than their solo agent peers. If you interview with a team agent for a listing presentation you may be presented with the team's listings and team's homes sold. What may not be discussed is that you are likely to be shown a group of active listings including properties that the team agent in probability did not list, thus providing the appearance of bigger and better. With teams, I have seen listings on their web sites that in fact are NOT the individual agent's yet these active listings are shown as if they did list them. Once these listings sell the sale only shows under the team leader's sales and most often not other members of that team even if they co-listed that home, therefore, the team leader appears bigger and better.

TO HAVE A LEVEL COMPARISON here are great questions to ask... How many agents on this team are there currently and how many agents have retired or left the business from this team? This will allow you to understand how many agents to divide by in comparison to a solo agent you may be interviewing, (i.e. 25listings/5agents = 5listings per agent). Also remember to ask, How long has this team has been in existence and how long has that agent you are interviewing has been in the business. You may like a "new to the business agent" or you may want someone with 20 years of experience, but at least you'll know what you're getting with this question.

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