FSBO For Sale By Owner

Welcome to selling your home on your own!  As a New York State licensed real estate salesperson I can say with complete confidence, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!  For those who remember the show Mission Impossible where that guy Jim listens to the tape for his next mission just before the tape self destructs in a smokey vapor I have a mission for you should you choose to accept.  I promise no self destruct and NO SMOKE included in my instructions!!  If you choose to decline the For Sale By Owner mission be sure to contact me JEFFREY HORN.

First suggestion, feel free to contact me for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS on what your home may finally sell for.  I will show you in great detail what is the current market for your home.

Second suggetion, showing your home at its best.  This is obvious, but many people forget that the buyer wants to imagine what the home could look like for them so eliminate as much clutter as possible.  NEAT AND TIDY IS A SELLING ADVANTAGE.

Third suggestion, receiving and accepting offers on your terms.  Under no circumstances should you accept an offer without a pre-approval letter from the mortgage department of a lending institution. The buyer MUST PROVIDE DOCUMENTED PROOF OF FUNDS AND/OR PRE-APPROVAL LETTER from a lender.  And immediately upon receiving those documents you should VERIFY BY CALLING THE LENDER/FINANCIAL INSTITUTION DIRECTLY with the buyer present in so you can verify. There are some lenders who provide "pre-qualified" statements upon request without any verification of the person's assets or work history.  As a New York State licensed real estate salesperson I assure you that almost everyday I speak with someone interested in seeing a home they cannot afford to buy.  While it may not seem inconvenient to them they are asking you to leave your home while they walk through your home.  Great for them lousy for you.  My sellers request this information in order to maintain sanity during the selling process.

Finally, if you were planning to sell for cash DO NOT AGREE TO HOLD THE MORTGAGE FOR THE BUYER.  Why give a mortgage to someone that an experienced lender would not give a mortgage to?

There are many more challenges in selling a home.  Hiring the right agent is well worth it to sell your home.

If you are selling or buying a home call or text me, JEFFREY HORN today at (518)465-8091. I will help you through this sales process. Jeffrey.Horn@ColdwellBankerPrime.com


Jeffrey Horn

Jeffrey Horn

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