Health Tip: Taking Care of your stomach

Do you have acid reflux or feel tired after eating or just lack energy throughout the day?  Try this.

At my home we started following a diet high in leafy green vegetables, various nuts (not peanuts), fresh fruit and for me a higher amount of fresh onions and fresh mushrooms.  We almost completely exclude sugar and exclude all processed food.  The difference was amazing.  I no longer felt the need to use Omeprazol or any other upset stomach remedy.  Wow!  And I sleep better and I have energy.  Almost instantly I felt 10 years younger.  By the way, I also eat as much leafy green vegetables as I want.  

This diet was recommended by a MD who provides diet instruction for my medi-share program.

If you would take a pill under a doctor's advice why wouldn't you eat a salad under a doctor's advice?

Enjoy your day. 


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