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When you choose to sell your home contact the RIGHT agent, JEFF HORN, at (518) 465-8091. Here's another reason why.


Having the right price for your home is critical to getting the best price the market will allow and having it on the market for the least amount of time to get that price. The reason you hire me is to SELL the home at the best price. 

Consider this. The right price encourages both buyers AND their agents who show homes.  An agent would not be encouraged to show a home where the asking price was not realistic because at some point in the process the bank will also know that the price is too high and won't provide enough of a loan to cover the asking price. Then the deal goes nowhere. In addition, the longer the house stays on the market the more it appears to have the wrong price or that something else is wrong with the property.  This can encourage dramatically lower prices that a client in most cases would be even more unhappy with.  Why would anyone want that aggravation?

For example, I met with a prospective client the other day.  He wanted much more than the market analysis showed the home was worth.  He didn't sell his property with another company's experienced agent and the prospective client was mad about it. Unfortunately that agent made the mistake of overlooking his clients desire to sell just to take the listing at any price.  Based on the excellent programs we have at Coldwell Banker Prime Properties I showed the prospective client and reminded the prospective client we know how to sell the home.  Raising the price as the client insisted on did not make sense because there was no improvement that would justify the increase.  It was the same house that didn't sell for the past year at a lower price. Any agent experienced agent would see this when the new listing appeared.  Why would a higher price help if it didn't sell at a lower price?  Clearly it wouldn't and I had to decline the listing so the customer could get a chance to think it over.  We at Coldwell Banker Prime Properties spend a great deal of time making sure we propose the RIGHT PRICE to sell your home.  We base this on recently sold similar properties, currently pending offers, similar homes currently market and the home being considered for sale.  The analysis that a Coldwell Banker Prime Properties agent delivers is the right way to sell your home, because the right price SELLS your home.

If you are selling or buying a home call or text me, JEFFREY HORN today at (518)465-8091. I will help you through this sales process.


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