Sentimental Value is Priceless!!!

You know that feeling you get when you went by the home you grew up in or when you drove by your grandmother's home.  The cherished memories of being with family you haven't seen for a while or family members no longer with us.  That is priceless!  

A while back I listed a home that my grandfather built just before the great depression.  Years ago it was sold to someone else and then it was back on the market.  It was still in excellent condition and there had been nice improvements over the years; still solid and sturdy.  When you see that home you see a house, but  I remember a home where my family was. 

While that home was for sale, what was not for sale was the memories.  Other than family and friends who would be interested in that anyway?  The truth is, nobody.  In the mind of the buyer it is just a structure, a building, a house, and it has the potential of being the buyer's next home.  Will the  buyer pay more for your memories or my memories?  No.  That's where the per square foot pricing comes into the picture.  That's where the condition of the home is objectively viewed. That's where the other properties on the market are competiting for the capture of that salient belief of BEST in the buyer's mind.

This is a regular pattern that I see in the market.  There is seller confusion about what is actually for sale.  We all want the highest price as a seller.  We all want the lowest price as a buyer.  While some consider it a simple thing to sell a home I assure you it is not.  That's why you need a real estate professional. 

In summary a house has a price.  Memories are priceless!  You need a realtor.

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