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Odds are your roof has not reached the end of its life expectancy. The majority of roof replacements are done unnecessarily early and are VERY expensive! If your roof is in good structural condition, but has black streaks (black algae), moss, or lichen patches on it, IT DOES NOT NEED REPLACEMENT. IT NEEDS A ROOFTOP WIZARDS CLEANING!

Increase the value of your home.  Avoid dangerous techniques when cleaning your roof.  Don’t wait to have your roof cleaned.   You will notice results almost immediately.

At Rooftop Wizards they only use the methods approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association and the leading shingle manufacturers. They clean asphalt and slate roofs. Call them today to set up an appointment at 518-595-3335.

If you are selling a home call me, JEFFREY HORN today at (518)465-8091. I will help you through this sales process.

Jeffrey Horn

Jeffrey Horn

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