Auctions are you paying attention?

It is my belief that a lot of you are missing the chance to buy or sell a home at auction.  So let me take a moment to show  each one of you  just how important this is to you  as a buyer, seller or real estate agent.

1. Buyer you will be able to get a great price that the other bidders will help you to justify by thier trying to out bid you.

2. Sellers you get to know when your house will sell, when it will close, no contingenices for financing, inspection, appraisal and a 10% non refundable deposit.  Start packing.

3.Agents, bring me your seller and I will pay you 3.5% commission, bring your buyer and I will pay you 2.5%.  I do all the work and you get all the glory and a nice fat no hassel check.

Any one of you buyer, seller or agent please give me a call and let me tell you how I can help.

Jim Kirby

Jim Kirby

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