A Whole New Way to Think of Your Internet Passwords!

So, over the past couple of days we have met with out "tech guy" to help us with our Coldwell Banker websites and Facebook pages. I learned a lot of good information, but here was one important tidbit that I wanted to pass along, although not real estate related. Gabe stressed to us the importance of our passwords that we choose online. He started off by pretty much assuming that most of us come up with very "uncreative" words and numbers for our passwords. We are famous for using our kid's names, our street names, even the word, "password." When it comes to numbers, we are notorious for using our birthdates. Gabe let us know that there are computers trying to hack us every day, all day. The picture in my head was just humans sitting at the computer playing with combinations of words and numbers and wondering who would ever care what my passwords are! The reality is that computers are trying every logical word and number combination to hack away until they find the right ones.

So what's the solution? Gabe suggests coming up with pass "phrases," not words. So for your bank password, instead of using,"JoanneDiPaulo08" I should come up with something like, "Need more money 2 pay bills !!" I incorporated the capital letter and extra character...even the spaces can be used as that extra character. The difference between the two paswords in terms of  being hacked is huge.....like 29 seconds for the obvious one and billions of hours (or never!) on the second.

I thought this was a great piece of info to pass along.... feel free to share and get creative :-)

Joanne DiPaulo

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