How Should You Choose Your Real Estate Agent?

So you have decided that you are finally ready to make a move! Awesome! It's such an exciting decision, but such a big decision on who is the best person to market your house? As an experienced realtor who comes in contact with people like you every day and who sees what goes on in the real estate world, I feel that it is important to help you with some advice on how to choose the agent who is right for you.

A good real estate agent can do a lot to help you sell your home. However, it is important to understand that not every Realtor does the same things to move a house. Like any job, some are better at selling houses than others and some prefer to do the bare minimum as long as they can get away with it. Some agents feel that once they put your home in the MLS, put a sign out front and lock box on the door that they have done their job and now it is your job to "wait and see what happens." There is so much more to selling your home than that!!

First of all, look for an agent who is hungry, energetic and excited about what they do. Real estate should be their full time job to get the most out of the expertise they have to offer. Remember, you will be (hopefully) talking to this person at least every week to get an update on activity all the way through the closing of your home. So pick someone whose personality is one that you can easily work with.

Secondly, ask your prospective realtor what they will do for you beyond the things previoulsy mentioned (MLS, sign, lockbox) to help your home get sold in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. Is this person going to hold strong when negotiating a purchase offer for you? Your agent should be able to give you the facts about market values in the area, how you can stage your home to help it sell and take the emotion out of the sale for you. Remember, you are hiring them to tell you what you need to hear, maybe not always what you want to hear. You want someone whose opinion you can trust.

Lastly, selling your home can be stressful....waiting for a buyer, keeping your home clean and picked up every day and getting your hopes up each time someone looks at your home is not always an easy process. Remember that in the end it will all be worth it and choosing the right realtor will help make it a rewarding experience!!

Joanne DiPaulo

Joanne DiPaulo

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