Why Sell Your Home Now?

Are you Considering selling your home and contemplating whether to wait­ ­Right now it is still a seller's Market. ­We currently have a low inventory of homes to sell. ­With a small number of homes on the market and so many buyers can result in multiple offers and bidding wars. ­The Federal Reserve's recently hinted that higher interest rates are coming. And have prompted buyers to start their housing hunt to take advantage of the lower mortgage rates. ­ ­

Things you can do to get ready to Sell your home. ­Start by interviewing ­real estate agents about the price you are most likely to get for your home. ­Meet with a mortgage officer to find out the loan amount you qualify for your new home. ­Start looking at homes that meet you criteria. ­If you­find homes that meet your needs and that you are likely to find something to buy. ­Now would be the time to sell your home.

Jodi Timmons "Prell"

Jodi Timmons "Prell"

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