The New Year

Happy 2016! Whether you are comtemplating a move to a new home or not I think it is important to declutter you home and start the new year fresh! I know everyone says this but I finally have started to do this. As a mother of two, ages 16 and 18, I've saved a lot. I've saved the pictures my kids have drawn, toys and cards from birthdays and all the "stuff" that goes with growing up and special events.

I finally got to the point where I realized I no longer have the room to store all of this "stuff". It also has been making me crazy because it is work to maintain "stuff". I started in my own bathroom  I've gotten rid of old nail polish and make up I no longer use. That was the easy "stuff" to perge. My daughter helped me clean out my closet. This is where I had the hardest time getting rid of things. I too, like everyone else, assumes I can't get rid of clothes because I may wear them again. Let me tell you I have not been sorry that I got rid of 1 item. It actually causes less stress by having a neater and more organized closet of the things I aactually wear.

The other bonus in getting rid of "stuff" is you actually will feel better if you donate all of your items to a good charity. There are many needy families that have little and I can just imagine what my kids old toys meant to that family. If your start with that premise I promise you will keep perging with those thoughts in your head.

While I have no plans to move any time soon you just never know what will happen next. I feel more relaxed purging my unused items. Again start small in an area that means the least to you, like a bathroom. It will be easy to part with unused products and you can work your way up to the harder areas for you to sort through. I'm still not done. My next area to takle is my kids mementos. I've set a side Sunday nights to go through a box with my daughter as we relax and watch a show together. This will give use some quality time reminising and help declutter at the same time. This will also help me let go of my kids mementos if they are unwanted by my daughter.

Whether I happen to unexpectantly find the perfect house or not I'm more relaxed enjoying the stuff I use and less stressed maintaing the "stuff" I don't. I know a new move would be much easier with a less cluttered home. Try it for yourself and you will see!

Take a look at this great article that can help you achieve this:


May you and your family have a happy and healthy new Year!









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