The reality is, in this day and age, blogging is in. Blogging is what people search for and continually read. I am being gently reminded on a daily basis by my managers that I should be blogging- weekly. For some reason- my brain cannot wrap around this fact that I need to sit still and write. It is not in my nature- unless you give me a Valium.

That being said, I have a phenomenal family full of writers. My pastoral brother-in law- blogs and my incredible cousin is a talented writer who grabs your attention and you feel as if you are right there with her experiencing what she is writing. The question is- can I do that? Do I have the time and energy after a busy week to do this and what topics would you- my friends, family, clients want me to blog about?

Tell me people- what topics would you be interested? My daily life situations in this crazy real estate world? Or- how to buy a house- what not to do- how to NOT sell your house (sarcasm would prevail in that one).

Maybe one word? Blog.

Here are todays interest rates- 30 year fixed 4.625 and a 15 Year is an incrediable 3.750!!!!

Kellie Jo Maher

Kellie Jo Maher

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