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I have had the pleasure to work with Kellie Jo on multiple occasions. Several years ago, I worked with Kellie Jo on the sale of my home and on the purchase of a new one. All I can say is …..It was a great experience! From the honest representation to the assistance with obtaining the inspector for our new purchase, it felt like Kellie Jo made you her priority, even though she was juggling multiple clients. I am currently selling my home and could think of no other realtor that I wanted to work with! Her knowledge of the current market is extremely helpful when you are working with your listing. Her honesty is crucial as it helps the process flow. Her energy is infectious and she always has a way to make you smile and feel some ease. I never have to worry about “not being in the loop” for Kellie Jo is an excellent communicator, whether it is a text, phone call or email; she is sure to get back with you.

There is no question in my mind why Kellie Jo is listed every month as a Coldwell Banker Top Producer and was the 2012 #1 Agent for Homes Sold and Listings Sold…….it’s because of her excellent customer service and she gets the job done!!

Lorene Liszewski


Our office specializes in the area of Real Estate Law.  Over the years of our practice has had the benefit of working with a number of real estate professionals.  There are few that compare with the outstanding service and customer care that I consistently see Kelli Jo provide to each of her clients.  We have handled a number of real estate transactions together and have only seen her go above and beyond what any real estate professional would normally do.
In addition to this, she is a consummate professional and always a pleasure to work with.  It is always great to see her name involved in the transaction because you will know that things are going to go well from her side of the transaction.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or purchase real estate.

Robert Carter, Esq.
Law Office of Robert Carter, P.L.L.C.
892 East Brighton Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13205



Kellie Jo Maher is the most wonderful person we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. We chose Kellie Jo to sell our house because she is a person of integrity and honesty. We knew we wanted someone who we could trust with the biggest life change one could go through. We knew we wanted someone we could count on to be there every step of the way, no matter time or day. Kellie Jo was that person, plus above and beyond.   Kellie Jo came to our house to discuss everything that goes into selling a house. She was extremely informative. Her knowledge of the industry made it a no brainer that she was the best around. Once we signed with Kellie Jo, she had our house advertised all over Central New York and beyond. Her advertising for selling a house is enormous. That I believe is what sold our house in less than a week. That’s right, less than a week, for the asking price!!! She priced our house right and advertised like no other. Kellie Jo is truly the whole package, a skilled professional and wonderful person. I called Kellie Jo in complete tears one day over a stressful situation. Kellie stopped everything she was doing at that point and completely solved the problem within an hour.   She cares!! That is one of the most important qualities you want in your realtor.   Kellie Jo, we cannot thank you enough for all you did for us during one of the most exciting, yet stressful times in our lives.   You truly are #1 in my book. I have told and will continue to tell everyone I know how amazing you are and to sign with you if they ever need to buy or sell their house. Mike and Tina Lewis


Kellie Jo was a pleasure to work with. I knew Kellie personally before choosing her to be my realtor. It was very important that I trusted someone with such a life changing experience. I also knew it would be very stressful, and it was crucial that I choose someone that had many years of experience. At our first meeting Kellie sat down with us and told us exactly what to expect. She gave us the positives and the negatives of buying and selling. She was straightforward right from the beginning because she does not want her clients to be surprised. I was thankful for that because I ALWAYS knew what to expect. Through each difficult stage of the buying and selling process Kellie was there. She answered ALL (which was A LOT!) of my text messages and emails in a timely manner despite having a million other things to do. Kellie also kept me calm and fielded many tearful phone calls. Looking back, I’m not sure I would have gotten through it with any other agent. It was definitely one of the most stressful times in my life. But Kellie Jo supported me through each and every step. She is the BEST at what she does and is a one of the BEST people I know! She is someone you want on your side whether it be as your realtor or friend. She is the perfect combination of brain and heart. That is why she is a top agent. She made what I thought impossible.... possible! She made my dream a reality and my family and I will be forever grateful! We love you Kellie Jo!!! The Campanaro Family 

This short note is to commend our realtor, Kellie Jo Maher. She has really done a great job for us in every way. We live in California, and decided to purchase a townhouse in Syracuse for Renate’s parents. Living on opposite coasts, we anticipated some degree of difficulty and delay in our search and purchase, but such was not the case. Once we presented our mission to Kellie Jo, she proceeded to formulate a strategy for our success. As is typical, location was the top priority; we needed close proximity to stores and services, while still retaining a bit of the country feeling the folks were moving away from.

Kellie Jo made herself available in a most wonderful way, keeping in close touch, working with the folks to pick up on their needs and priorities; within a couple of weeks, we had several strong candidates. Once we selected the winner, Kellie Jo worked with the owners and ourselves to accomplish the sale with a minimum of hassle and a friendly professionalism throughout.

We highly recommend Kellie Jo to anyone in search of a quality realtor experience.


Adam Vaczek/Renate Dumler

San Diego, CA 92109


When I think of Kellie Jo and her part in helping my wife and I find our home, many things come to mind. When I first met her, I had just completed a rather bad experience with another realtor, so I wasn't overly optimistic about the process as a whole. Right away however, I knew Kellie Jo was different. She was very professional, energetic, positive, and also had a confidence that could only be gained through a great deal of knowledge and experience. Her dedication could never be questioned. I received daily correspondence from her regarding potential houses, and never once did she hesitate to jump in her car and drive the 30+ miles from her office. She took a very personal interest in finding us our perfect home.
            What I will remember most about Kellie Jo, and the main reason I would recommend her, is her presence during a home walk-through. She would point out things to be concerned with that you may or may not be aware of, such as severe flaws, and / or necessary repairs that will be costly. Most importantly however, if she thought you wouldn't be happy with the home, she would say so and list reasons why, even if one of
those reasons was an inflated price (She works on commission.). For a first-time home buyer, that kind of advice has value beyond measure. I can't say enough about Kellie Jo. I enjoyed working with her immensely!
Aric K. Dingman

As a first time home buyer, Kellie Jo made my first purchasing experience a breeze!! Everyone always talks about how stressful it is buying a home (and I would agree, it is stressful), but Kellie was always there to answer questions and give me advise. Whether it was sending or receiving a text, an e-mail, or a phone call, Kellie was always there for me. When I was getting personally stressed about things with the purchase, she would talk to me and help me understand things that I didn’t comprehend. Sometimes, we would even laugh and talk about things outside of purchasing a home. She was there to ease the stress, and make things right. Kellie also referred me to several home inspectors, lawyers, and mortgage brokers that she has worked with closely over the years. I have got to say, every single person she set me up with was terrific! Kellie is honest, fun and will make your purchasing experience a happy one!!!

-Leonard Redhead

Hi Kell,

Now for the glowing reference.  You Ma’am are the greatest realtor in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We tried three people before we found you and had many years of anguish.  Lewis Road was our home and we just loved it.  You knew, right from the get go that we needed to be nudged into all the different parts of the selling process and you did it really nicely. I’m sure we weren’t easy clients but for us the experience was great.  Not only did you sell our house to terrific people that we know will love it but you found us a place to go to that we could make our own.  I can’t think of anything more complimentary than telling you, you did an outstanding job.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hope to see you.

Marty Tamblin

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Kellie Jo on the purchase of our new home in the summer of 2013. Kellie Jo is as knowledgeable a resource as Coldwell Banker has at its disposal. The entire process went very smoothly, and she was available to us throughout to answer any questions and put us at ease when things got a little crazy. I have given her name to everybody I know that is looking to either buy or sell a house or both. The best experience you can have in buying or selling is when you don’t deal with too many of the minor details and things that pop up that can delay or potentially end in losing out on your dream. Kellie Jo makes sure every “I” gets dotted, and every “t” gets crossed, and she will get you to the closing table.

 John and Sara LaValle



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