Working with FSBO's

Here are some solutions for agents who are calling FSBO's with the usual objections.

1. Exposure...FSBO's get approximately 10% exposure compaired to 100% Exposure when hiring an agent.

2. All the services of a professional real estate agent are free to buyers! This is the main reason why buyers buy from an agent. 

a. 90% of buyers use an agent.

b. 10% sales by other means -- 5% of which are sold to a buyer who knew the seller prior to putting the home up for sale.  Therefore, only 5% of the total sales are sold FSBO on the open market.

3.  Serious buyers only shop FSBO's to save MONEY, and the money they expect to save is the same commission the sellers want to save by not using an agent.

4.  There are 4 types of buyers;

a. serious buyers who are in a hurry

b. serious buyers who are not in a hurry

c. investors

d. Window shoppers...neighbors who always wondered what the home looked like inside.

5.  According to the NAR of all the people looking at home;

a. 4% are ready willing and able

b. 70% have frozen equity

c. 11% can't afford the home they're looking at

d. 15% prefer to rent

6. Negotiating Skills--agents are highly trained in dealing with all the paperwork for contracts of purchase.

7. Time Equal MONEY!

Kenneth Armstrong

Kenneth Armstrong

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