Kerri Shellard

Kerri Shellard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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  • 178 Glen St.
    Glens Falls, NY 12801
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Professional Interests

     I've had a passion for Real Estate for many years!    I love helping and being of service to others.  My husband, father and grandfather are all veterans, so I have a strong desire to make the homebuying process enjoyable and easy for those who have served our country as well.  I have lived many places, so I have connections all over the United States, whether your Real Estate needs be near or far!

Personal Background

     I was born and raised in the Chicago land area.  I moved to to Las Vegas when I was 23, where I became very interested in Real Estate.  I lived there for nine years, met my husband, and had our 2 awesome kiddos. We arrived here in upstate NY 2 years ago, where I have been pursuing my Real Estate career!

Personal Interests

     You can find our family at the motocross track most of the summer, we love the outdoors and racing dirtbikes!  I live in the country with my furry farm animals.  I have horses, goats, and some chickens!  I love nature, and the beautiful scenery upstate NY has to offer!


     I earned my H.S. Diploma in 1998 at the age of 16.  I homeschooled myself through The American High School of Correspondence.  In 1999,  I participated in a foreign exchange program in Oaxaca, Mexico with a certificate of completion.  I have been pursuing my dream career in Real Estate since 2015!


     I can help ANY of your Real Estate needs!  Whether your a First Time Homebuyer, looking to list your property, find Land, searching for the Perfect Home for your family,  you need help with Relocation, or a Veteran looking to take advantage of all the Great Benefits!

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Here’s where you can fine-tune your credit picture.

  • Use both revolving credit (like credit cards) and installment loans (like a mortgage or auto loan).
  • Your score factors in how many outstanding balances you have. So whenever possible, pay off smaller balances quickly or roll them into a single debt.
  • Consolidate credit inquiries by consolidating your loan shopping. When you apply for credit or a loan, someone checks your credit, and that can cause a dip in your score (unless you’re shopping around for a home, auto, or student loan).
  • Pay more often, even if the total you pay doesn’t change. Since your score is a reflection of your credit at a specific moment, if you split up your payments, then you effectively lower your balances more often. That could make your score more attractive more often.
  • Request more credit on existing cards. But don’t run up new balances. This way, you increase your available credit (a good thing), without increasing your debt.


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