The feds have been pumping up the economy and interest rates have been unusually low for an unusual lenght of time. While some people may argue that our economy is need of intervention, it seems more likely the feds will be backing off and letting interest rates rise. What does that mean for the consumer? Well, for one your loans will cost you more and if you are planning on buying a mortgage you may not be able to qualify for as much as you would right now. If you happen to be thinking of selling your home and buying, waiting could also pose a similar risk in that often when interest rates rise, home values decrease. So, the question is, "are you ready?"

If you are a buyer, have you been pre-approved? Are you actively working with an agent to find your next home? And are you ready to submit an offer and have your agent negotiate the best price?

If you are a seller, have you scheduled your pre-listing walk through with an agent? Do you have a plan for listing and selling?

I am very excited to be able to offer the home seller a complete home staging packaging allowing you to do as much or as little as you need to get your home to sell for top dollar.

On the other hand, as a home buyer I am prepared to work with you to find your dream home and then negotiate for you a great price with great terms to get you comfortably moved and settled into your new home.  

Call me today and put me to work for you!

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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