Appeal to the Senses

Does your home appeal to the five senses.

Sight  (uncluttered),        Smell (fresh),           Touch (clean),        Taste (tastefully decorated).  AND...

Hearing (no animals or loud noises i.e. unnecessary squeaks -fix the furnace, loose floor boards, water pipes, toilets, etc.)

Working with home buyers daily, I have found that first impressions are lasting impressions and the first 30 seconds of previewing a home may be the most important 30 seconds of the home buying process.  There are some features of a home that cannot be changed like the location, style, and floor plan. However, I have found that is not always the attraction to a buyer. The buyer is looking for a home (within their price range) that has good curb appeal, is clean (appears to need little work) and a homey feel to it (usually pleasant smells, not cluttered and tastefully decorated). 

Additionally, I have seen it more lately that "storage" space is a consideration. When closets and storage are packed to the max...the first thought to a new home buyer is that there is no room for their "stuff."  So, now is the best time to clean out and spruce up with garage sale season at its peak!  So have a little fun and get that home sold!

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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