Buyers buy and Sellers Sell...

One of the questions that I am asked more often these days seems to involve whether or not homes are selling. The answer of course is yes. Homes that are priced at market value and which have a great curb appeal are going to attract more home buyers and get more exposure so yes, those homes are selling. Some of the tips that I give home owners include: keep it simple (no clutter), make sure your house has no odors (smoke, pet, or food, and even some candles or fragrances can be offensive), try to bring in the sunlight, use neutral colors, and open up spaces. Start looking at your house from the outside. If it lacks curb appeal it may attract fewer buyers so get out to the nearest home improvement store or garden store and pick up some colorful plants, thin out or trim the bushes around the walkways and entryway and keep it clean of debris. Paint the porches and the door frames and don't overlook the necessary repairs. Even the minor ones may turn away a prospective buyer. Until next time....happy home hunting.

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

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