Dating Time

Yes, I said it is dating time! Think of your first date and let's make an analogy.  Hopefully, you wouldn't think of meeting your date without doing some grooming first. Shower, shampoo and a little pampering. Then choose cleaned and neatly pressed clothing, add a little splash of cologne or body splash; a little make-up for the ladies and a clean shave for the men...will go a long way. Fresh breath and a big you are ready.  You might ask how that relates to preparing for sale a hous!.

First impressions last! First impressions also set the tone or stage for what comes next. Therefore, manicured lawn, neatly trimmed landscaping (if you don't have any...get some inexpensive bushy plants with a little color and put them out front) and a clean driveway to greet your guests (yes, they are your guests) and invite them in to tour your house. Inside, a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors goes a very long way to drawing buyers further in todiscover the wonderful and beautiful amenities your home offers. Fresh scents, not heavy scents, because buyers react through their senses including smell. Clean carpets and floors, woodwork, light switches, faucets, windows and other glass or mirrored objects a must!

Fill the rooms with filtered sunlight where you can and de-clutter all shelves, book cases, counters, and floor space. Purge closets and other storage spaces including the basement and garage of everything that you do not intend to take with you to your next location. Leave the lights on and the thermostate set at a comfortable level. So simple and yet so important. Now that you have prepped for your "first date" you are ready for the proposal!


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