Still a Great Time

The First Time Home Buyer Tax Incentive has come and gone..and yet, it is still a great time to buy a new home. According to our local activity report, home sales rose 5% over April 2009 with a total of 334 units selling during the month of April 2010. The average cost of a three bedroom home in our area during this time was $128,000 and a four bedroom --$171,000.

This is what Jim Gillespie has to say about our current market...

“Marriage, babies, job promotions and retirement are just some of examples of how life moves people to buy and sell homes,” Gillespie* continues.  “Higher inventory and historically low interest rates are signs for people to make the move right now to buy or sell a home.”   *Jim Gillespie, president and chief executive officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

So, whether you are just thinking about buying or selling now, is a great time to get together with a professional full time Real Estate agent who can sit down and help you explore your options.

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        Five Topics to Discuss With Your Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

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