TIPS to Sellers...

This has been an interesting market to say the very least. Interest rates have been consistently low, the inventory has been plentiful, and market values, though down from past years, have been stable. Buyers seem to have all the advantages. However, I still believe that if you want to sell, you can give yourself the "edge".

TIPS: Naturally, pricing is everything. The first action to take would be to make sure the home is still priced competitively with other homes for sale in the area. Then, be honest about the home itself. Ask, is it really de-cluttered and neutralized. Less means more. Rooms that are overcrowded look small and uncomfortable. Pack as much as possible, it is all going to be moved anyways. Clean those nooks and cranies giving special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen. Empty the garbage more than usual and minimize the evidence that there may be a pet or two in the household. (clean the aquarium, the pet beds etc. Buyers are looking and they want a house tht is really next to new. Ill kept areas will only serve to remind them that the house is not so new). The air should smell fresh and clean. Heavy scents can often turn off the buyer as easily as animal and food odors. If the basement is unfinished it is still previewed and the cobwebs that are left behind may leave behind a bad impression. I've heard it said that homes that sell are usually "dressed or staged" to sell - not to live in. Oh well, just some thoughts until next time.

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

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