Three "C's" of Selling

The three "C's" of selling your home:

The first "C"  Clean!

The term, clean, has different meanings to different people so let's make it simple and define what the word clean looks like when selling a home. All sinks, baths, appliances, etc. should sparkle and not have stains, left-over spills, toothpaste, etc. The buyers are opening the cabinet drawers to see if they are the soft close, they are opening the dishwasher and the oven and yes commenting on the stove top. Porcelain cleaner or stainless cleaner will make these accessories shine.

Next, look at all the wood surfaces including the doors, the door handles, and the light switches. If there are hand prints, spills, built up dust & dirt…yes, clean there, too. My buyers are looking and it is not enough to comfort them with a gift subscription to a cleaning service. The impression is, “ If they are not caring for the areas of the home that we can see, how do we know that they’ve cared for the unseen, such as the furnace, a-c, hot water tank, plumbing, electric…etc.” Paint those tired walls with a fresh neutral color.

It amazes me how some buyers will take “clean” over the hardwood floors, the finished basement, the new window replacements and even granite countertops. We talk about the buyer imagining themselves in the home, and they do…especially if it is sparkly clean!

Next, time my thoughts on the 2nd “C”, clutter! Till then, have a safe and warm week!

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

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