Waiting for the Spring Market?

If you are waiting for the Spring Market, then wait no longer. The buyers are out and searching. They are motivated and determined to find the best house and at the best price. If you are getting your house ready to sell or if your house is currently on the market then go the extra mile and make it shine. This is one contest that you don't want to come in second. The best advice I can give to any home seller but especially to the home owner who wants to sell in this market...take care of the details. Clean everything (or just pack it away for the big moving day). Less is more. Yes, I mean the less you display the more likely you will be able to get the full market value for your home. Please clean up your yards. First impressions are lasting impressions. The snow looks so beautiful when it first arrives but oh...what a sight as it starts to slowly retreat and finally melt away leaving the road salt and stone behind. Freshen the indoors, and please no strong spicey scents. Use soft neutral scents like vanilla or lavendar and use them sparingly. Be critical of your house and look at it through the buyer's eyes. Sometimes we take for granted the puppy chow spilled around the dog dish, the bird seed on the floor, the stickers on the walls and windows.  A serious buyer will more than likely say, "next" or immediately start calculating in their mind a price reduction of immense proportion. If you prepare now before you place your home on the market then you won't have to prepare for a long wait to receive a fair market price for your home.

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

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