What is Your New Years Resolution?

For some it will be to lose weight while others will want to add to their savings or 401K...but for many homeowners, they are saying this "this is it -- time to sell!" Well, I may have some GOOD NEWS!

Have you heard ? The Home Buying Tax Credit has been EXPANDED. Now current homeowners may qualify for up to $ 6,500 when the purchase their next home. This program is a benefit to both 1st time homebuyers and our existing Homeowners. Good news? I think so! However, time will run out before you know it. That is why so many homebuyers have been out this past week in hopes of finding that perfect home and getting it under contract before the April Deadline. For more information call or search our web pages under financing for more information. If you're thinking of selling your existing home, call for a complimentary market analysis.

Laura Lenze

Laura Lenze

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